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Posts by Adam Landis

  • Methods for integrating acquired datasets – Part II

    Data is a driving force between the ever-increasing number of mobile company acquisitions. But big data is hard. Really hard. Mobile apps generate a ton of data, so combining datasets is an ambitious and expensive undertaking.

    We work with and talk to many large-scale app publishers, vendors, and tech providers and have seen a variety of strategies for how to combine and leverage the combined large datasets. Today, we’ll talk about the various methods of how companies are going about combining and leveraging these acquired datasets.

  • How companies are using acquired datasets to build unfair advantages – Part I

    The presence of cheap capital and increasing UA costs are responsible for a flurry of M&A deals. And while there’s daily press on how these companies will leverage the resulting data for strategic advantage, there isn’t much information on what those companies are actually doing with the combined datasets.

    We talk to many large-scale app publishers, technology vendors, and advertising platforms and we’ve shared some interesting strategies and examples of how these visionaries are utilizing acquired datasets for their business advantage.

  • Innovations in mobile data we’re most excited about for 2022

    When it comes to how mobile companies are planning how to best utilize data for growth in 2022, we’ve seen some trends and applications that we’re excited to see gain traction.

    From company staffing, to the application of machine-learning, the underlying theme of data utilization has become table stakes for proactive growth strategies and we’ve shared some of our favorite trends for 2022.