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The Problem

Selling inventory is difficult

Today the mobile advertising market lacks efficiency. This year $100 Billion dollars will be spent to reach consumers of in-app mobile content, but the app developers will miss out on $33 billion because of inefficiencies between supply and demand.

App developers know increased competition amongst ad buyers will increase earnings. Simple economics: more demand increases prices. However, when selling inventory app developers face two fundamental challenges:

Deciding the best buyer is hard and routing traffic appropriately is harder.


you’re forced to:

but to save time:

causing problems:

1.  Who is the best buyer for this inventory?

Compile manual tedious reports constantly

You create averages – country, ad type, days – of price (CPM) groups

Averages create inefficiencies among buyers

2.  How do I route traffic to the buyer?

Wrestle manual, complex platforms that don’t work well with 3rd parties

You wait days or weeks to update buyer ranking

Static pricing reduces competitive pressure

Does it really matter?



Averages hurt your revenue, but how much?

The average AdLibertas customer increases ad earnings 30%

The Solution

Automation creates market efficiency

Using AdLibertas to automate your optimization process will increase competition, thereby increasing your in-app ad revenue.

Clear access to your data

automated reporting & analytics

Testing & iteration

programmatically adapting to changing market conditions

Automation to save time

spend time on stratagem, not tedium


Our Story

“ad victoriam mercaturae ducit libertas”

The free market wins.

To properly help publishers benefit from advertising, you must understand both the needs of the app developers and the dynamics of the advertising industry. The AdLibertas founding team is made up of a unique blend of both: advertising executives and top app developers who recognized the plight of the app developer and joined forces to build a comprehensive solution enabling publishers to earn more from their in-app advertising.

Our name and motto are more than turn of phrase, they govern the mission of our company. Taking lessons from history, much of the Roman Empire’s success was due to the health of a thriving economy that spread free trade across the European landscape. Although creating a global republic isn’t our goal, our technology does improve the economy of mobile in-app advertising touching 60% of the world’s population. Success in any marketplace is dictated by efficiency of trade. A healthy market exists by providing liquidity of trade between app-developers and advertisers. Our mission is to use technology to create an efficient mobile advertising market.

We help developers earn more from in-app advertising.

We help app developers earn more while saving them time.