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Your Mobile Apps

We provide comprehensive reporting products and full-service optimization solutions to help you save time & increase app revenue.

Our Customers

From indies to the largest publishers in the world, we work with apps both big and small.

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You’re missing your potential

Your Apps Can Earn More.

Making money from a mobile app is hard. Even with the leading technology platforms app developers face confusion and complexity that can limit your success with in-app advertising.

At AdLibertas, we’re former app developers and advertising experts, dedicated to simplifying the complexities of app monetization. Our mission is simple: maximize the revenue potential from existing app platforms so your time goes to building product, not fixing monetization.


Easy Integration, fast results.

Wherever we can we leverage your existing technology stacks, there’s no SDK or code integration, all we need are credentials to get started and you can stop anytime.

  • Save Time

    We leverage automation to require less of your attention.

  • Low Risk

    Easy integration and no up-front costs prove easy ROI.

  • Easy Integration

    Start today, all we need are reporting credentials.

Learn how we can help your mobile app earnings today.

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