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Turn data into answers.

A data platform built specifically mobile apps to help collect, and unify data sources providing actionable insights to your entire organization.


We make your data actionable

Combining and unifying the data generated by your users can be a complex undertaking. At AdLibertas we’ve built our business around providing easy, actionable access to complex data to mobile app developers. Our mission is simple: build the tools so you can focus on making better apps, not wrestling with data.


  • Product

    Give product managers the power to find, measure, and monitor the metrics, events that drive user behavior.

  • Growth Marketing

    Helping marketing teams measure app growth and the ability to identify valuable users early.

  • Ad Monetization

    Giving revenue teams consolidated, accurate app-revenue reporting & algorithms for better ad-optimization.

  • Platform Details

    Learn how we can quickly and easily give your entire organization self-sufficiency for data exploration.


Easy Integration, fast results.

Wherever we can we leverage your existing technology stack, there’s no SDK necessary, we connect via APIs to started quickly. You can stop anytime.

  • No Tech Required

    Get started with no tech investment, simply connect your credentials.

  • Democratize user exploration

    Give every member in your organization the ability to uncover important user behavior and performance insights.

  • Get back to work

    Stop wrangling data. Get back to growing your app.

Our Customers

From indies to the largest publishers in the world, we work with apps both big and small.

What they say

Getting started

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