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Our Customers

Publisher's Clearing House

Consolidated reporting, centralized access.

For 60 years Publishers Clearing House has been a household name. Unlike many contemporaries the once exclusive direct-to-mail company has made a successful transition to mobile.

Read how they leverage AdLibertas to provide flexible, accurate, powerful analysis for the entire ad monetization team.


Optimizing ad-tracking opt-ins double user LTV.

After using Audience Reporting to find a dramatic LTV difference for users who’ve opted into sharing advertising identifiers, Sebastian Höbarth, CTO of Pixel Trend, has started optimizing prompts to encourage users to allow tracking. It helped. A lot.

Random Logic Games

Predicting user LTV early and accurately.

Random Logic Games is a top-tier game developer who’s titles regularly sit at the top of the charts. They create fun & exciting games entertaining millions of people daily.

Learn how they use AdLibertas Audience Reporting to predict user LTV early and accurately.


Improving user retention with onboarding.

Featured by Apple’s Best of 2019 the massively popular cult-favorite animation app FlipaClip had a tough question: why are users dropping off in the onboarding funnel? Industry veteran Geoff Hladik leveraged AdLibertas Audience Reporting to understand where and how new users drop out of the onboarding funnel and the best actions for increasing retention– and monetization of these lost users.


Using automation to drive speed and product iterations.

Magmic is a game developer publisher, and content retailer building proprietary and licensed properties for all ages. Their collaborations include a dizzying array of household names including New York Times ®, Hasbro ®, and Mattel ®.

Learn how Magmic leverages automation to drive speed and profit in the mobile ad market.

Big Duck Games

Using first-day actions to find valuable users.

Mike Newman, founder of Big Duck Games – famous for their Flow Free puzzles which have been downloaded 300 million times – used AdLibertas Audience Reporting to use day-1 actions of users to predict long-term LTV.

He found users who completed a puzzle on their first day are worth 20X+ users who don’t.

Narwhal Studio

Choosing and optimizing subscription prices

Pricing a subscription can be daunting to an app developer. Too high and no one buys, too low and you will cannibalize from other revenue sources. Rick, creator of Narwhal for Reddit shares how measuring pLTV of users helps find the optimal cost for subscription pricing.


Algorithmic Ad Optimization.

Tapatalk is the leading social app for aggregation of internet forum discussions, they are used by hundreds of thousands of communities worldwide.

Read how they increased ad revenues by 75% in a week.

Leveraging Automation & BI to maximize scale and efficiency.

First going online in 1999, DI.FM has grown into a destination and lifestyle for over a million unique listeners who tune in every month.

Read how the popular online radio network balances the demands of managing mobile advertising among a diverse muti-channel monetization strategy.


“AdLibertas has increased our CPMs, overall revenue, and saves us significant time on daily ad operations. The team is an excellent resource for all things mobile ad tech related, and their interface allows us to review performance of our ad partners easily and efficiently.”

Komel Soin,
Head of Ad Monetization,

Rain Rain Sleep Sounds

” AdLibertas has become an invaluable component of my Rain Rain Sleep Sounds business. The ability to let the AdLibertas system manage my waterfall and continuously perform optimization gives me two things: it gives me the peace-of-mind that my advertising is doing the best it possibly can, and it gives me time to work on improving my product and customer experience with time that I used to spend trying to manage my ad networks.”

-Tim Gostony

Game Circus

“AdLibertas’ easy-to-use platform, robust, transparent data analytics, and great customer service make it a must-have add on for any developer.”

Thomas Greaves,
Ad Operations,
Game Circus