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Case Study: Publisher’s Clearing House relies on data & analytics to maximize mobile ad earnings

Case Study: Publisher’s Clearing House relies on data & analytics to maximize mobile ad earnings

Jul 11, 2019 | Best Practices, Case Study, News


Publishers Clearing House has been a household name in the US for generations. Since 1953 the company has been a social staple and unlike many contemporaries the once exclusive direct-to-mail company has made a very successful transition to digital. They have evolved into a multi-channel media company, with the digital suite boasting more than 5 million daily visits, 2 billion monthly page views and grant a prize every five minutes.

PCH uses MoPub for mediation of their mobile app, they use a variety of ad networks across their very loyal US-focused traffic.

The Problem

As any successful digital company can attest, with scale comes complexity. PCH apps generate massive amounts of data on a daily basis: reporting, user-metrics, and crash reporting; the list goes on. Specifically as the PCH apps grew in usage and complexity, three challenges became apparent:

No single source of truth

Mobile ad reporting isn’t known for reliability. Or punctuality. Or simplicity. Getting a single-source of truth between the ad-server,and networks is an ever-going challenge.

“I could spend hours pulling reports, aligning IDs and finding discrepancies.”

Zack Lane

Media Analyst

Lack of reporting flexibility

Iteration of monetization strategies are key to PCH’s success, without proper data-access it’s very hard to make decisions.

“We move fast, getting access to data I need when I need it can be hard.”

Paige Dwyer

Account Manager

Difficult to Collaborate

PCH has 550 employees, sharing data across the organization isn’t always straight-forward.

“PCH is spread out across multiple cities. Having an easy way to share data among our team is critical for our success.”

Doug Cuesta

Programmatic Sales

The Solution

PCH uses AdLibertas for reporting and optimization of MoPub.

The Results

By leveraging the AdLibertas platform, PCH can rely on a comprehensive, automated reporting platform addressing the needs of the organization:

Automated Reporting

“AdLibertas automatically updates to our continually changing configuration and saves me hours of pulling reports & chasing down discrepancies”

– Zack

Dynamic & comprehensive Reporting

“I can build a dashboard in minutes, then drill all the way down to the most granular level of reporting available. It allows me to quickly answer questions and even better, quickly make decisions.”

– Paige

Collaboration is easy

“I can now quickly share findings and results with any member of my team regardless of their location.”

– Doug

Interested to see how AdLibertas can help your app?