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At AdLibertas, we help app developers make better apps.

We make tools and technologies to help mobile app developers grow and scale their apps.


Adam Landis

Founder & CEO

A ten-year veteran of the mobile app space, Adam has spent the entire time helping mobile app developers and publishers grow and profit from their apps. He started AdLibertas in 2016, aiming to help app developers increase their mobile advertising revenue, but as the company and customer list grew he saw the opportunity of helping app developers drive growth by better utilizing their data.

Today he lives in San Francisco, California.

Allen Eubank

Chief Technology Officer

Allen joined AdLibertas in 2017, his deep expertise in apps and dev ops, combined with his natural, intellectual curiosity has helped him hone the AdLibertas tech stack into the cutting-edge data platform of today. His natural, perfect cool in any situation serves as a perfect anchor for the rest of the team.

He lives with his wife and two sons in Dallas, Texas.

Chris Stead

Chief Operating Officer

Chris brings deep expertise of business and growth strategy to AdLibertas. He spent six years on mobile ad operations, optimization, and product then another two on strategy consulting before joining AdLibertas in 2018. He guides the company on strategy, the product roadmap as well as keeping the mission-critical infrastructure of the business up and running.

He lives with his wife in San Francisco, California.

Board of Advisors

Annand Sharma

VP Technology Eads Bridge Holdings

Andre Cohen

VP, Data of Platform, Stillfront Group

Mike DeLaet

SVP Strategic Partnerships, Scopely

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