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AdLibertas Blog

  • The AdLibertas Approach to Big Data

    How big is “big data”? Well, a petabyte (PB) is a thousand terabytes– or a million gigabytes. You would generate 1PB of data if you took 4,000 photos. A day. Over your entire life.

    So big data is, well, big. But big data is hard. And expensive. Designing and maintaining a cost-effective data platform that scales to process 10PB of data a day is no small feat. AdLibertas CTO, Allen Eubank, walks through our approach at how we achieve massive scale in helping our customers get useful, actionable insights from their user data.

  • Innovations in mobile data we’re most excited about for 2022

    When it comes to how mobile companies are planning how to best utilize data for growth in 2022, we’ve seen some trends and applications that we’re excited to see gain traction.

    From company staffing, to the application of machine-learning, the underlying theme of data utilization has become table stakes for proactive growth strategies and we’ve shared some of our favorite trends for 2022.

  • How 2022 data strategies differ between large, medium, and small app publishers

    2021 was a year of change for app developers. The role of data, specifically, has been a lynchpin in the cause and effect of many of these changes.

    It occurred to me the other day a mobile app company’s size and —more importantly—sophistication made for a trifurcation of strategies and aspirations in the coming year. I’ve outlined them in a post in what I hope provides an insightful view of how your company can use data for a clear advantage in the coming year.