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Amazon Athena: direct query access to all of your user-level data


Due to popular customer request, we are rolling out support for Amazon Athena access to customer datasets. This allows our customers to directly query their data in sophisticated SQL analysis without the need to deploy custom data pipelines and transforms to access unified data from their data partners.

While AdLibertas out-of-the box user-level reporting allows highly sophisticated reports to be constructed without the need for writing SQL, at times customers have the need to create more complex queries that are out of scope from being created in a UI. Most often, these customers will lean on writing their own SQL queries to access the data.

With Athena, customers can directly query their private Amazon account to access clean and unified user-level data.

How customers are using Athena:

AB Test Statistical Analysis

A popular use case for our customers is analyzing the LTV of Firebase AB tests. However, when analyzing the results of the output, customers may need more sophisticated insights of event test-outcomes to measure probabilities and confidence on dimensions not already supported.

Retargeting or CRM management

Since all audiences are readily available for SQL export, customers can easily export user IDs for the purposes of targeting or CRM management. A great example would be running a report on your top-performing users, then exporting the user IDs to give them a special offer to incentivize retention or IAP conversion.

Connect your own BI Tools

While we provide customers with Business Analytics, some organizations have already standardized on a business intelligence tool. Athena can make connecting your existing tools to user-level datasets fast and easy.