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LTVs made easy: Bulk campaign pLTV outputs

Fast, easy and accurate pLTVs for your UA campaigns.

No-effort daily campaign performance reporting using actual user-level revenue. Easy integration, automated outputs, skip the hassle.

It’s been a busy week for the product team at AdLibertas. Earlier this week we released dynamic data-set updates and today we’ve released the long-awaited bulk campaign pLTV outputs.

Now our customers can receive daily projected LTVs of UA campaigns, cross-referencing ad network reporting, user-analytics, IAP, and installs.

With just credentials any organization can now get seamless pLTVs delivered daily.

By simply connecting credentials from your tech stack we aggregate user-actions, then correlate, calculate and deliver predicted earnings of each of your UA campaigns. No integration, not fuss.

This is a huge milestone for freemium apps because they no longer need to aggregate data from multiple sources to calculate the most accurate predicted campaign performance possible.

Visual representation of a campaigns earnings available for exploration in Audience Reporting.

Customers can choose the prediction model that best fits their app’s user retention curve and elect the amount of data for what best helps them optimize campaigns. Some of our more data-driven customers are opting to include conversion-value outputs for each campaign – as an example, the number of campaign users who’ve completed 10 puzzles on day 1.


Customizable, scheduled daily outputs.

We’re excited to continue innovating our platform, helping customers unify data and provide actionable insights. Stay tuned or reach out for a demo if you’d like to see how the AdLibertas platform can help you get fast, easy, actionable data to help your app’s growth!