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Introducing pLTV Forecasting for Audience Reporting

We’re very excited to announce the release of predictive lifetime value (pLTV) Forecasting for Audience Reporting, which will allow users to apply projections to determine future LTVs. And in our case, LTV includes both IAP and log-level ad-impression revenue events.

Use Cases:

1. Determine the future LTV of a UA campaign

2. Compare future LTVs of the variants of your AB tests

3. Find pLTV of users who’ve completed 5 puzzles on day 1

How it works:


With just credentials, combine all of your mobile app data sources into a single data repository – then easily create user audiences and apply best-fit curves to determine pLTVs of your users.

Case Studies:

Predict user LTV early and accurately. Learn how Random Logic Games increases user pLTV accuracy and saves time by leveraging Audience Reporting forecasting.

How do you set an optimal subscription price? Learn how cult-classic Narwhal for Reddit uses pLTV to balance user-subscription prices against in-app ad revenue to optimize his earnings while giving his users optimal choice.

See it in Action:


A brief run-through of pLTV forecasting capabilities using various mathematical prediction models.

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