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Revenue Analytics and Reporting for MoPub. Track your LTVs with no SDK.

Revenue Reporting and Analytics for MoPub

Get a complete view of all ad revenue on Mopub, include store revenue, ARDAU and LTV.

A complete and accurate view of your earnings is essential for optimizing your app’s monetization strategy. AdLibertas makes analyzing your earnings easy by providing consolidated, automated reporting from all of your ad networks, as well as the App Store and Google Play. Since the data is being pulled from reporting APIs, there’s no additional SDKs required – just input your credentials and your data is automatically pulled in from every data source, every day, giving you up-to-date revenue, ARPDAU and LTV numbers to better manage your apps. 

Average Daily Revenue per Daily Active User (ARPDAU) Reporting:

  • How it works: By connecting your Firebase account into AdLibertas, with just your credentials, we can track your Daily Active users and ARPDAU.
  • Why it’s important: ARPDAU is a metric much more powerful for performance than tracking CPMs. Rather than just tracking the average buy price you’re actually measuring how much, on average, your users are making across all ads, IAP and subscriptions.

LTV Reporting: Track the value of your users over time:

  • How it works: We use your Firebase retention data combined with your revenue reporting to give accurate user lifetime values for your app’s users.
  • Why it’s important: LTV is a measure of your monetization strategy over time. By analyzing the LTV of your users, you can understand how different changes to your app, from backend technical changes to user experience tweaks, impacts your revenue in the long term.

Advanced Analytics: Look at data that’s important to you:

  • How it works: Create your own dashboards, drill into ad-serving discrepancies, and discover new opportunities.
  • Why it’s important: Every app is different – different usage patterns, different monetization strategies and different metrics. You can drill into your data in the way you want to, learning more about where and how you can earn more from your apps.

No More Estimations: Combine actual purchase and ad network revenue:

  • How it works: By just adding credentials we accurately track all revenue made in your apps.
  • Why it’s important: Estimations can be wrong, and by only looking at a portion of your revenue you’re missing the whole picture. AdLibertas pulls revenue directly from the source.

 No-Manual Overhead: Automated set-up. No manual mapping:

  • How it works: When signing up, we automatically link your all ad network information from MoPub to accurately show your earnings. There’s no manual work!
  • Why it’s important: There’s no wasted time or energy in setting up or maintaining your configuration.