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AdLibertas LTV Reporting: the fastest, easiest user-value reporting yet

We’re proud to announce our newest product the industry’s fastest, easiest lifetime-value (LTV) reporting. With no additional SDKs AdLibertas customers can quickly and easily measure accurate ad & IAP LTVs for your app users.



LTV Reporting – An Overview

Part of our existing product suite:

From automatically normalized ad-revenue to unified IAP reporting, our new LTV reporting comes as part of our existing reporting product suite – at no extra cost to AdLibertas customers.


No SDK Required: 

we use your existing tech stack: We make integrations easy to make getting started quick and painless. If your apps are using Firebase, we can get you started today with no additional SDK!

Measure user-cohorts from install-date: 

Using retention and ARPDAU over all retention sources we can measure LTV by user over 120 days from install-date, helping you measure and project lifetime values for your users.  

Measure campaign performance: 

Using the Firebase campaign property we can measure the ARPDAU for users by campaign date, helping you determine the comparative value of campaigns over time. 

LTV Reporting – How it works:

see below for a quick walk-through of the LTV dashboard:

Getting Started – We only need credentials

For New Customers:

1. Create account
2. Connect Revenue/Data Sources

For Existing Customers:

1.  Simply add Firebase
2. Be sure you’ve added store credentials.