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Mobile User LTV

Lifetime-value (LTV) of your users from your ads and in-app purchases.
Fast, easy and all in one place.

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Comprehensive LTV Reporting

We combine data sources from your existing tech stack to provide accurate LTV across all revenue sources. No SDK needed.

  • What Is It?

    AdLibertas now offers the industry’s fastest, easiest and most accurate lifetime value assessment tools available.

    Track user value across all revenue sources
    Measure and track total revenue-earned from your users

    No more estimations or partial data. We automatically import all of your ad revenue and in-app purchase revenue into a single place to help you determine the true value of your users.

    Track the success of your campaigns
    See the ROI of acquisition sources to make better decisions

    See the total value - both in-app purchases and ad revenue - of your users by campaign and install cohort to determine the most valuable sources of acquisition.

    Get insights in minutes
    No SDK, no messy integration. Just enter your credentials.

    Since we leverage your existing tech stack, you can get started with just your credentials. Within minutes, you’ll have the insights you need to make your app better.

  • Why LTV Matters

    Seeing and understanding the LTV of your users and campaigns is the only reliable way to make your apps and campaigns more lucrative and your customers more loyal.

    Keep users in your app longer
    Measure how changes to your app impact user retention

    Is that new SDK release hurting user-retention? Even the most simple change to your app can affect usage. You need to measure and iterate to constantly make your app better.

    Acquire better users
    Track the most valuable acquisition sources

    Invest in your own success by tracking the ROI of your acquisition campaigns. Tracking user-value by campaign will allow you to invest where you're seeing the most profitable users.

    Create a better app
    Measuring change-impact will create more profitable -- and more loyal -- customers

    LTV will allow you to track changes to your audience and audience behavior. Create a more successful user on-boarding flow, develop a stronger monetization methodology, and set better IAP pricing strategies.

  • Why AdLibertas LTV?

    AdLibertas LTV delivers a range of benefits competitors can’t match:

    Fast & Easy
    We use your existing stack. No SDK.

    Get going in minutes with only your credentials. No additional SDKs, no technical integrations. You can visualize your data quickly with our fast, simple self-service setup.

    100+ revenue sources.

    We support over 100 ad networks and network API connections. If you're making money from it, we can import it.

    We pull your numbers directly from the parties that pay you. No reconciliation, no estimation.

    Others rely on averages or estimations, we pull revenue from the sources that matter: the ones that pay you. By leveraging our complex ETL and revenue-attribution process, you can rest-assured you have the most accurate revenue data available.

    Secure & Scalable
    We handle some of the biggest clients in the world

    Compartmentalized, horizontally-scaled private single-tenant architecture means your data is yours alone.

  • How Do We Do It?

    After you enter your credentials, AdLibertas goes to work:

    1. We import your data
    Over 100 API integrations import your data directly, so it’s 100% accurate.

    We support over 100 ad networks, app stores and analytics connections to create a unified, complete view of your data.

    2. We automatically normalize your data
    No manual work needed, we download, map and normalize all your data.

    We use ETLs to normalize and unify a “single of truth" of your data so your revenue reporting is comprehensive, simple, and all in one place.

    3. We give you tools to get answers
    LTV combined with our beautiful reporting and business intelligence tools allow you to get answers quickly.

    LTV lets you see the user-value over time, our simple, powerful dashboards help you visualize your earnings; and our fast, easy business intelligence systems let you answer the questions that are important to you.