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Webinar: How are apps using first-party data to drive growth?

“First-party data” often gets a bad rap, and has become just another synonym for data onboarding and lookalike audience targeting. This means the term now comes with plenty of baggage, often including hugely negative connotations around shady data marketplaces and invasions of user privacy.

But what does “first-party” really mean?

From analytics to order confirmations, “first-party data” simply means data collected directly by you, the app developer. Without even realizing it, you have been relying on first-party data to drive growth for years.

When used properly, first-party data unlocks a massive toolbox across marketing and product. From A/B testing to deep linking, crash reporting to measurement of owned and organic marketing channels, first-party data is the key to unlocking your app’s best features and making them even better. It is the secret to maintaining your edge in a more privacy-focused world.

In this webinar, experts from across the mobile industry will weigh in with their perspective on the opportunities and risks of first-party data, what it means to have a responsible first-party data strategy, and how they are planning to leverage first-party data in the coming year.