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October News Roundup

Photo by Roman Kraft on Unsplash

October has been a busy month for the mobile app ecosystem. While September was largely dedicated towards preparation –and eventually the reprieve– of the IDFA deprecation, in October we’ve seen the iOS 14 rollout hit full steam, and now that iPhone 12 is officially out, we should see even more momentum towards iOS 14, moving away from legacy iOS versions.

Are you prepared for the changes that iOS 14 brings? See our iOS 14 blog post for some of the key changes that might impact your app.

Industry News:

Mopub iOS 14 SDK available

Mopub has released its SDK with full support for iOS 14. We recommend you update your integrations to support the changes to IDFA and SKAdNetwork. See the Mopub documentation for details and  for documentation and changelog.

AdLibertas Customer Action: Update MoPub SDKs to continue receiving IDFA-enabled traffic on iOS 14. Update all ad network SDKs to enable continuation of ad-serving post IDFA ban.


Photo by Chris Ried on Unsplash

Mopub’s Reporting API Changes

Mopub recently announced a new version of its reporting API, to be introduced on December 1, 2020. AdLibertas’ reporting will be updated to ensure a smooth transition: see the changelog here.

AdLibertas Customer Impact: No action is necessary, the improved SLA will bring MoPub reporting earlier in the day.

 Facebook moves iOS to bidding-only in Q2 2021

Facebook announced it will move all of its FAN business on iOS to bidding only by March 31, 2021. As of now, Android will continue to support traditional mediation, but we expect them to make a similar announcement later in 2021. See Facebook’s announcement here

AdLibertas Customer Impact: Work with your AdLibertas account manager to plan a migration to the appropriate bidding platform for continuation of your iOS Facebook ad revenue.

Mopub SDK Deprecation

Mopub has begun enforcing a 2-year lifespan on its SDKs, and older SDKs stopped serving ads earlier this month. See Mopub’s deprecation schedule and ensure your apps are up to date.

AdLibertas Customer Impact: If you have apps running MoPub SDK <5.2, then you will not be generating requests/impressions for any of your traffic until you update your SDK.




What’s Coming from AdLibertas 


We’re working with a select few customers to test, iterate and improve a new suite of reporting products and features. Our goal is to give app developers the ability to tie earned revenue (ads & IAP) to user actions and events. Want to see the value of users who play through the tutorial? Compare churn of users versus ad networks? Those are among the things AdLibertas is working to enable.

 While this is only available for a select number, if you’re interested in participating, please let your AdLibertas Customer Success Manager know!



Best practices for Growing your App:

Our new no-SDK LTV tool has given us a flurry of insights towards mobile developer best practices, upon popular request we’ve published some of them. Visit them if you’ve missed out:


The first-step to buying installs for your mobile app? Understand your investment.

Clients embarking on the journey of buying app users & installs often ask us “how much should I pay for a user? While industry benchmarks may be indicative of the cost of buying a user, they don’t indicate whether that user will be profitable.

The 3 biggest mistakes when buying new users for your app.

It can be daunting to start spending money to acquire users for your mobile app. In this post we share some of the most common mistakes we see.

Making Better Apps – LTV: it’s not just for campaign optimization.

The most common use for LTV is profitable user acquisition but we’ve found there are many other useful applications. In this article we explore some helpful methods to use LTV to increase the success — and profitability — of your app.


New AdLibertas Features:

We’re proud to bring AdLibertas customers continued innovation in how they can view and interact with their revenue data. We’ve released 3 new capabilities recently to customers — included with the AdLibertas platform. Haven’t yet integrated? Learn more and sign up today!

Track LTV with no SDK!

With just credentials your data is automatically pulled in from every data source, every day, giving you up-to-date revenue, ARPDAU and LTV numbers to better manage your apps.

Track accurate ARPDAU for your apps

Gain insights into your app’s ARPDAU with AdLibertas, all without any SDKs or integrations.

Making Better Apps – LTV: it’s not just for campaign optimization.

After overwhelming feedback from our customers we’ve added integrations to track your Google Play and App Store earnings in AdLibertas reporting and analytics. This is a no-cost feature to AdLibertas customers already using AdLibertas reporting.

Not a customer but interested in how AdLibertas can help your apps?