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Is it Q4 yet?

Is it Q4 yet?

by | Nov 19, 2017 | Infographic

The fourth quarter is time of the year where publishers can make 40% of their yearly earnings in a few short weeks, the swell of earnings can take off overnight, and the revenue peaks create wistful nostalgia lasting throughout the first half of the next year.
We’re taking a look at the last 90 days for indications of swelling revenue in the industry.

Banner growth: Showing gentle growth over the last 3 months, the 6.3% growth rate during this time shouldn’t be discounted, since the beginning of October the growth rate (+7.87%) has increased more steadily and we’ve has posted quarter-end highs during recent November weekdays; with black-Friday right around the corner there is good indication banner spending is set to swell in the coming weeks.

Full screen CPM trends shows similar promising swells– displaying a more gentle growth over the last 90 days at 4.43%- but more recently show a more definitive aggressive growth since the beginning of the October (5.75%). Traditionally full screen’s higher CPMs keep percentage growth-rates more conservative but make no mistake, there is a lot of money represented in this promising trend.