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Global CPM Index – A V-Shaped Recovery?

Global CPM Index – A V-Shaped Recovery?

Jun 9, 2020 | Infographic, News



Our readers know we often keep up-to-date on the global trends for mobile apps. This month, interestingly the AdLibertas Global CPM index is seeing some familiar trends that closely align with many of the global stock indices.

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Banners: 2020 YTD

Banners have slowly clawed their way back from the “Corona Collapse” to the index average with some minor month-end fluctuations (May).

    Fullscreen: 2020 YTD

    Fullscreen CPMs have shown a similar growth-patterns, bringing back rates close the index average with only minor May-end stuttering.

      Stock Indicies: Coincidence?

      Interestingly when compared to the day’s end S&P 500 & Dow Jones index charts, we see a very similar growth curve—albeit the stock market seems to be earlier-acting. And while we’re certainly not suggesting the CPM index will always follow stock market trends we do seem to be on similar growth trajectories. Which is a good thing– for now.