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Developer Testimonial: Tim Gostony, Rain Rain Sleep Sounds

Developer Testimonial: Tim Gostony, Rain Rain Sleep Sounds

Jan 17, 2020 | Case Study, News

Indie App Developer Tim Gostony shares his experience with the AdLibertas platform.

“AdLibertas has become an invaluable component of my Rain Rain Sleep Sounds business. The ability to let the AdLibertas system manage my waterfall and continuously perform optimization gives me two things: it gives me the peace-of-mind that my advertising is doing the best it possibly can, and it gives me time to work on improving my product and customer experience with time that I used to spend trying to manage my ad networks. I really like the AdLibertas doesn’t have an SDK, and that the networks still pay me directly.

“It can be scary to hand off management of ads to somebody else, the fear being that they will hurt your revenue or not provide a clear gain. AdLibertas has an interesting pricing approach for onboarding to alleviate this: at first, they took over a fixed percentage of my traffic, and then only billed me based on how much they proportionally improved revenue compared to my own waterfall management. This gave me an extremely easy side-by-side comparison of how much more effective their management was than my own, and they would only get paid if they increased revenue.

“Suffice it to say, they increased revenue, and so now they run all my traffic and I pay them happily, they only make more money if they make me more money. In business, you should never waste your time with somebody whose incentives don’t align with your own.

In addition to the optimization, AdLibertas provides really cool reporting tools. Some ad network dashboards have the option to integrate with other networks to try to get a combined view of revenue, impressions, etc, but inevitably fall short with missing integrations or reporting problems. Only AdLibertas gives me the ability to have all of the data for all of my networks in one place. In addition to the helpful email reports and online dashboard, they also have a data analysis tool that lets me dive deep into my ad data – I can easily compare fill rates, CPM, and impressions between networks, over time, by ad type, country, and more. It’s better than any ad tool dashboard I’ve used before. Their reporting tools give me both the best high-level view of my business as well as an invaluable tool for diagnosing and fixing problems with ad networks. On top of that, it’s fast and reliable.

“AdLibertas has easily paid for itself many times over, both in terms of the revenue boost as well as the amount of time I’ve saved. Frankly, even the time I’m spending writing this testimonial will be worth it – when the next indie I talk to wants advice on improving ad revenue, I will just send them this instead of spending 20 minutes of our call telling them how great AdLibertas has been for me.”

About the Author

Tim Gostony is the Founder of Rain Rain Sleep Sounds for iOS & Android. Self-described indie developer, he’s combination developer, product manager, audio engineer, UA specialist, ad ops, customer support, tester, and cheerleader.

With 6M downloads and counting he’s committed to keep improving his app until it’s the first app to be rated six stars on the App Store.

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