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Case Study: Narwhal for Reddit Doubles Ad Revenue in a Week.

Case Study: Narwhal for Reddit Doubles Ad Revenue in a Week.

Jun 5, 2019 | Best Practices, Case Study, News

Rick always knew his app could earn more;  turns out he was right.










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Narwhal for Reddit is the go-to iOS application for Reddit users. Since 2014 the app has captured attention achieving a nearly perfect five start rating after thousands of ratings. Narwhal for Reddit uses MoPub for ad mediation, running multiple networks on their banner and native ad units across all versions of the app.

Occasionally Rick Harrison— co-creator— would experiment with tweaking the advertising strategy: adding a new ad network, setting floors, or tweaking the ad serving configuration in other ways but didn’t seem to make much difference. But Rick knew there was potential:

“I knew the app could do better, I just didn’t know where to start.”

The Solution

In the process of vetting a new network, Rick was introduced to AdLibertas, a platform he’d heard was helping publishers increase ad revenue. After hearing AdLibertas would automate reporting & automation of mobile inventory, Rick was interested:

“Reporting has always been difficult to manage between the networks, plus the promise of automated optimization was intriguing. The quick integration and cost model made it a no-brainer.”

Rick decided to give it a shot.

The result

Within a day of signing up for the platform, AdLibertas was running consolidated reporting and automated-optimization. Within a week the new network configuration had doubled overall advertising revenue.

“It’s very exciting to unlock potential within our app – it’s given me the ability to make more while saving me time to work on other projects!”

Interested to see how AdLibertas can help your app?