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Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Hello world!

This is our first blogpost and it’s probably best to tell you a little about who we are. 

We’re ad-industry techies. We’ve spent our careers in mobile advertising, either working to sell ad-space on the behalf of mobile developers or buying impressions on mobile apps. But things never worked right, as advertisers we were always struggling to get access to the applications and worse – as mobile app developers we had a really hard time setting up and running the advertising correctly and efficiently. The systems were so complicated and the market changed so quickly you could never optimally set up, let alone manage the technology. We saw it with our friends and clients alike: an app developer would either spend all their time managing ad operations, or they would lose money. It seemed like a lose-lose.

 Around 2015 we started some experimentation:

Our first step: Would active management and optimization actually matter to your in-app earnings? As it turns out, the answer is a resounding yes. As we’ve proven with many customers since simple optimizations doubles revenue overnight. But the manual labor to do so was very tedious.

 Now the hard part: Could you automate the set-up and management? Unfortunately—as anyone who’s built product knows—  “automation” can be no small feat. What started out with duct-tape, excel spreadsheets and a lot of manual data entry has gradually turned into an enterprise of cloud-based architecture that could scale to handle the biggest apps in the world.

Now we have the world’s only platform designed specifically to help app developers make more money using their existing technology stack. We’re AdLibertas. We aren’t middle-men, ad networks or data collectors. We help app developers make from money from their applications.

Adam Landis

Ten-year veteran of mobile advertising, Adam spent most of his career in sales but reluctantly admits his engineering background helps him more than he cares to admit.

Chris Stead

The purveyor of our algorithmic optimization — longtime media buyer, Chris now sits on the sell-side of the table helping publishers wage competition among the networks.

Allen Eubank

The lead of our company’s dev ops and product architecture, Allen’s natural, perfect cool in any situation serves as an anchor for the rest of the team.

Kirill Gromik

A veteran of startups and the head of our Belarus engineering office, Kirill guides the team responsible for making our product dreams a reality.