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Case Study: Maximizing ROAS in top-tier ad-supported games

Case Study: Maximizing ROAS in top-tier ad-supported games

Jul 12, 2019 | Best Practices, Case Study, News


In 2013, having grown tired of working a typical desk job, Andrew Stone and Nick Sloan took a leap of faith and founded Random Logic Games. The company immediately found success in chart toppers Guess the 90s and Guess the Emoji, the latter of which held the #1 position in the App Store for 20+ consecutive days.
Today, both the company, and portfolio of games have grown significantly. Hits like Infinite Word Search Puzzles and Crossword Quiz continue to experience growth and be popular titles among players.

The Problem

RLG primarily utilizes in game advertising to monetize their titles. Monetizing a single app with ads can be a job within itself, but handling an entire portfolio of 20+ games is nearly impossible with a small team of 12.
Specifically RLG faced three issues:

Sheer Size

To maximize earnings across the entire portfolio, there are thousands of decisions to make daily. Wrong decisions hurt profitability.

Changing Market Conditions

Ad performance changes on a dime, by not taking advantage in a surge of prices or reacting to a dip in demand, you’re losing money.

No time to find better methods

There are always better ways to monetize, but there isn’t time to build & experiment on new monetization strategies.

“Ads are the primary source of revenue for the company. Maximizing return on our ad spend is one of the most important factors of our company’s success.”

Andrew Stone

Founder & CEO

The Solution

Random Logic Games relies on AdLibertas to automate the optimization of their ad monetization strategy.

The Results

Complexity made simple

Algorithmic decision-making ensures all properties receive the highest prices without manual intervention.

Quick market reactions

Programmatic control of ad inventory means the AdLibertas system constantly operates with the most up-to-date data available.

Saves time & make more

AdLibertas algorithmically ensures constant testing of strategies to find the best buyer for ad inventory, without the need for manual intervention.

“Our reasons for using AdLibertas are simple –they allow us to make more money per ad served and ‘ignore’ daily waterfall management allowing us to focus on what we do best: build and launch fun games consistently & profitably.”

- Andrew

Interested to see how AdLibertas can help your app?