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Case Study: How do game developers focus on building great games without juggling ad-tech?

Case Study: How do game developers focus on building great games without juggling ad-tech?

Mar 20, 2020 | Case Study, News

Can game developers focus on building games, not juggling ad-tech and still be successful?


Anyone who knows their way around the app store has heard of the ubiquitous Flow Free puzzle series – the most popular of which boasts over 300 million downloads. Husband and wife team Mike and Sharon Newman run Big Duck Games – a committed indie game studio out of Miami, Florida. Where some studios opt to expand quickly, building or buying titles and flooding the market with new apps, Mike and Sharon have stayed committed to the quality of their titles for their loyal users and the results speak for themselves: the Flow Free titles have stayed consistently in the top 30 apps of their category since their debut in 2012.

The Problem

As many studios can attest, time and focus is the most valuable commodity a developer has; distractions and overhead must be closely managed to avoid churn and stay productive in building product.

Like many apps in the AppStore, advertising is the lifeblood of the company and represents the bulk of revenue Flow Free makes from its titles. How does a small independent studio focus on building content while still maximize earnings?

 “We’re a small studio with only a handful of employees, we like building games and we don’t have the time to constantly manage advertising.”

Mike Newman


The Solution

Big Duck Games relies on AdLibertas to manage their ad stack.

The Results

Maximum performance, less work and peace of mind.

Anyone who’s managed advertising can attest it takes time to eke out the maximum earnings from a waterfall; no longer do Sharon & Mike need to choose between loss of revenue performance or a huge time investment, using AdLibertas to algorithmically control the waterfall means they can have both!

“With AdLibertas we don’t need to worry about the overhead of managing the advertising stack – they take care of everything and let us focus on making great games!”

Sharon Newman


Interested to see how AdLibertas can help your app?