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AdLibertas welcomes Andre Cohen to advisory board

Mobile data industry veteran joins AdLibertas to help guide product and data strategy.



Andre Cohen most recently headed Data Science for Tilting Point, a leading mobile game publisher. There he was in charge of connecting UA, ad monetization and player behavior data into actionable insights for the business. Prior he was the CTO of Gondola, helping game companies with dynamic pricing and IAP optimization.


Why AdLibertas:

Although Andre has known the AdLibertas team for years, he became actively interested in the company following the release of the Audience Reporting data platform earlier this year.


“For the last ten years I’ve watched the concept of ‘data’ change and grow in mobile apps. I think the mobile app space is at a very interesting inflection point. In early days, success was driven more by luck than anything, but today– without exception– industry leaders rely on data to guide decisions and achieve success.

The challenge comes from the immense investment that’s needed to get data in a place to be useful. A mobile app publisher might need a team of ten people that’s tasked with building and maintaining the architecture needed to make data actionable. This undertaking means useful data is out of reach for most companies. Only industry giants can afford the investment.

That’s where the value of AdLibertas comes in. I see third party platforms as an  increasingly valuable option for making the proper data infrastructure affordable and accessible. They make it so any company can make their data actionable without hiring a team and building the architecture.”

Andre Cohen

AdLibertas Advisor

“Andre is a visionary in the data space – he brings a wealth of experience in overcoming today’s data challenges and very valuable insights into where the industry is going.

We’re excited to bring his practical experience into our product roadmap to help AdLibertas customers navigate the increasingly complex world of data management and user insights. We’re happy to have him as part of the team.”

Adam Landis

CEO, AdLibertas


About us:

AdLibertas is a data platform that helps app developers consolidate data and explore user and behavioral insights. They help leading app developers use data to drive product decisions and mobile app growth strategy.