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AdLibertas Audience Reporting: easy, accurate, event-level revenue reporting

Today we’re proud to announce the release of AdLibertas Audience Reporting.

Finally app developers can get easy, accurate and affordable access to event-level revenue performance reporting without the significant investment of building a data warehouse.

Define audiences by choosing multiple user events, actions or attributes, then map them with revenue-performance over time.

Audience Reporting – An Overview

Stop guessing, start measuring:

Getting a clear, accurate picture of granular user performance can be a daunting task. To begin it requires the normalization and transformation of terabytes of data: all user analytic events; user purchases; and on top of it all normalizing user ad-impression data. Only then can you write massively complex SQL queries to make sense of it all.

For app developers it’s too much trouble to attain accurate measurement. So they end up guessing, or estimating on the behavior and value of various users and their actions. 

But guessing isn’t good enough. Understanding your users is the key to unlocking the maximum potential of your apps.


Identify your valuable users

Segment measure to determine your most valuable users.

Increase Conversions

Find the user-actions that actually lead to purchases.

Identify Important Events

Determine the value associated with different user actions

How it works

Getting started is easy. Simply choose the events, actions or attributes that define the audience or group of users you’d like to see. Then compare your audiences over time.

1. Define an Audience

2. View Audiences over time. 

Integration is easy

Our no-SDK makes getting started simple and easy.

Get Important Answer Easily:

Our no-SDK makes getting started simple and easy.

What are valuable day-0 user actions?

Find the value of a user-path through your application.

What are my Campaign Earnings?

Segment users by campaign and measure their actual revenue earnings.

What is the Actual Revenue earned from an A/B Test?

Stop guessing or averaging. Determine the actual earnings from an A/B test.

Our Customers:

Our no-SDK makes getting started simple and easy.

How much does IDFA opt-in matter for ad earning?

Popular publisher PixelTrend uses AdLibertas Audience Reporting to determine the impact on user LTV for IDFA opt-ins.

Improving User Retention

Learn how the winner of Apple’s Best of 2019 app is using AdLibertas Audience Reporting to increase retention through measurement and iteration of better customer onboarding.