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You need to:

  • Find valuable users

    Accurately measure value of different users

  • Increase conversions

    Find user-actions that increase purchases

  • Identify Important events

    Determine the value associated with user actions

It all Starts With Measurement

AdLibertas Audience Reporting allows you to easily and accurately measure revenue impact by user event or action.

Predict revenue performance by any user action

  • Step 1. Create an audience

    Choose user events and attributes to define an audience.

  • Step 2. Measure over time

    Choose user events and attributes to define an audience.

  • Step 3. Project Performance

    Apply mathematical model projections to determine Audience pLTV.

Integration is Easy

No-SDK data aggregation and storage to make getting started simple.

Easily Answer Important Questions

  • Value of users who play 5 games

    Measure & compare actual LTV of users by their in-app actions.

  • Campaign Earnings

    Measure actual ad & purchase earnings for each acquisition source.

  • Revenue outcome of AB tests

    No more estimations! Measure the actual revenue earned from AB variants.

  • LTV of users who complete a tutorial

    Easily predict future values (pLTV) of users by early in-app actions or behavior.

  • How should I price subscriptions?

    Use predicted lifetime values of ad-supported users to intelligently price your in-app purchases.

  • The LTV of a specific user event

    Determine the value of early events to help you identify valuable users early.

Case Studies

  • Predicting user LTV early and accurately

    Random Logic Games increases user predicted lifetime value (pLTV) accuracy and saves time by leveraging Audience Reporting forecasting.


  • Pricing a subscription

    Too high and no one buys, too low and you cannibalize revenue. Narwhal for Reddit shares how measuring pLTV of users helps find the optimal cost for subscription pricing.


  • Improving User Retention

    Learn how the winner of Apple’s Best of 2019 app is using AdLibertas Audience Reporting to increase retention through measurement and iteration of better customer onboarding.


  • The effect of IDFA opt-in on user LTVs

    Popular publisher PixelTrend uses AdLibertas Audience Reporting to determine the impact on user LTV for IDFA opt-ins.


Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to get started?

For most app developers there is no SDK needed! We only collect credentials to consolidate and store analytics and revenue data. For more integration information see our onboarding tutorial.

How much does it cost?

Cost depends on your usage and data-volume. We do offer a free 14 day trial. For details please see our pricing page.

How do you measure revenue?

To ensure accuracy we capture actual revenue events. For ad-revenue we collect impression level reporting, for in-app purchase and subscription revenue we collect device-events and validate them with the app stores. For more information see our onboarding tutorial.

How do you get user events?

We collect user-events directly from your analytics provider — no additional SDK needed. To see how it works, see our documentation.

How do you manage privacy/security?

AdLibertas takes user and client privacy very seriously. As such we have strict policies and technologies in place to adhere to global regulations as well as secure app developer private and sensitive information. Read more in our documentation.