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Measure and analyze revenue from all sources

Fast, consolidated access to all of your in-app revenue sources.

We Provide

A full suite of reporting tools to help you consolidate earnings and make decisions

  • 1. Unified Revenue Reporting

    All earnings in one place
    Your revenue unified & compiled into a single repository.

    The Single Source of Truth for all of your revenue sources. We support over 100 ad network integrations, Google Play and iTunes, and other monetization sources for a unified view of your revenue.

    Fast, accurate ad network and app store reporting
    We constantly re-pull revenue data to keep you updated

    We’re constantly re-fetching data from ad networks to capture network re-posting, discrepancies and other problems.

    No-fuss integration
    One-click set-up. No manual effort, we only need your reporting credentials to get started.

    No manual mapping or normalization of ad-units or line items. No SDK or development effort needed. Just credentials!

  • 2. Revenue Analytics

    Customized dashboards
    Quickly create custom views of your earnings data.

    Users can create custom dashboards with just a few clicks, no training necessary.

    Drag and drop business intelligence
    Ask questions, find problems, share with your entire team.

    Our easy-to-use reporting turns mysterious network behavior into actionable results.

    Advanced analytics
    Tailor-made monetization visualizations to help you uncover opportunities.

    Our easy to use analytics allow everyone to perform ad-hoc queries on your data.

  • 3. LTV Reporting

    Want more details? See our LTV Reporting deep dive.

    Lifetime value reporting
    Ad Revenue + in-app purchases: Discover the true value of your users!

    Ad + In-app purchase LTV. We show you comprehensive, accurate earnings of your users.

    Track campaign success
    Quickly determine the success of your acquisition campaigns

    Track campaigns and earnings progress of your users.

    No SDK!
    No kidding. We use your existing tech stack.

    All we need are credentials to give you true comprehensive ad revenue + in-app purchase LTV.

Get Started Today

Stand-alone access to our automated reporting and analytics platform for you and your team.

  • Fast
    No SDK required. Get started with just your credentials.
  • Easy
    Begin visualizing your data immediately. Set-up is automated so you don’t have to manually configure anything.
  • Comprehensive
    We support over 100 reporting APIs to support your revenue reporting needs.
  • Accurate
    We pull the revenue numbers from the parties actually paying you. No estimating or reconciling based on a 3rd party’s counts
  • Secure
    Compartmentalized, private single-tenant architecture means your data is yours alone
  • Scalable
    We handle some of the biggest clients in the world