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You need to:

  • Increase LTV

    Find methods to increase user-value over time

  • Understand and influence user actions

    Understand and drive user behavior

  • Iterate & drive change

    Make positive changes in user behavior

We help you understand your users

AdLibertas provides user-level analytics to help you track and understand your user behavior.

Answer important questions about your app

  • Identify your high-value users

    Analyze the value and actions behind your top users

  • Find your important app events

    Determine the app events that drive users to your goals

  • Measure outcomes to your changes

    Know the actual dollar and user impact from your iterations

Product Case Studies

  • Improving user retention with onboarding

    Winner of Apple’s prestigious Best App of 2019, FlipaClip, found users who complete an onboarding tutorial stay in the app longer and are worth 2X more than those who skip.

  • Optimizing ad-tracking opt-in doubles user LTV

    Simply increasing encouragement for ad-tracking opt-ins has doubled revenue and increased retention for PixelTrend apps.

  • Choosing and optimizing subscription prices

    Too high and no one buys, too low and you cannibalize revenue. Narwhal for Reddit shares how measuring pLTV of users helps find the optimal cost for subscription pricing.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

The AdLibertas platform combines data generated from your app service providers to give you centralized, actionable answers on user performance by user action, acquisition source, or other characteristic. We connect via APIs so no specialized integration or SDKs are necessary — most customers can get started with no engineering resources! For more information, see our onboarding tutorial.


What do I need to get started?

For most app developers there is no SDK needed! We only collect credentials to consolidate and store analytics and revenue data. For more integration information see our onboarding tutorial.

How much does it cost?

Platform cost depends on your usage and data-volume. We do offer a free 14 day trial. For details please contact us to get a quote.

How do you measure revenue?

To ensure accuracy we capture actual revenue events. For ad-revenue we collect impression level reporting, for in-app purchase and subscription revenue we collect device-events and validate them with the app stores. For more information see details on integration of our Revenue Connections.

How do you get user events?

We collect user-events directly from your analytics provider — no additional SDK needed. To see how it works, see documentation on how to integrate Analytics Connections.

How do you manage privacy/security?

AdLibertas takes user and client privacy very seriously. As such we have strict policies and technologies in place to adhere to global regulations as well as secure app developer private and sensitive information. Read more in our documentation.