Our Products

We save you time, make you more, and you don’t need another SDK.

Automatic Reporting

3rd Party Report Collection

API reporting for 85 ad providers and counting. Integration is fast and simple: all we need are your reporting credentials.

Data aggregation & unification

No more manually compiled reports, mapping ad-unit IDs, resolving country naming conflicts, or uncovering reporting discrepancies amongst your partners. We automate and streamline this manual slog.

Real-time reporting

The advertising market moves quickly, and so should you. We provide the latest information on network spend to make better decisions, faster.

“Automating reporting allows us to spend more time analyzing data and testing new strategies, rather than pulling arduous reports.”

Eric D'Elia

Publishers Clearing House

Data Analytics & Business Intelligence


A data warehouse by itself it useless. We offer you a rich set of tools allowing you to create custom dashboards, answer questions, then collaborate and share your findings. With our analytics you can turn mysterious behavior into actionable results.


“AdLibertas’ in-depth reporting capabilities is extremely helpful and streamlines performance tracking!”

Valerie Husky


Automatic Optimization

Algorithmic CPM ranking

Optimizing your waterfall is as much art as science. The science is straight-forward: the higher CPMs serve first. Fill rates, price floors and price cannibalization are more subtle sides of the exercise. Our system automatically maintains your waterfall to ensure you are making the most of current demand.

Price testing & efficiency monitoring

We are constantly testing new pricing to maximize your ability to take advantage of rising prices and simultaneously monitoring and culling low demand to eliminate inefficiencies in your waterfall.

“Partnering with AdLibertas has turned out to be one of our most important strategic decisions. Their automatic waterfall management resulted in a massive revenue increase while saving us a huge amount of time and resources from the very first day of working together.”

Matthias Kloss