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Get more from MoPub

Tools and automation to save time and earn more.

What we provide

Automated data-collection, rich analytics and algorithmic optimization

  • Consolidated Reporting

    Comprehensive & Unified
    All of your ad provider data unified and compiled into a single repository.

    We pull revenue and impression data from 85 sources then unify it with MoPub reporting to ensure you have a complete view of your data.

    Accurate & Up-to-date
    Don’t estimate! Your data comes directly from networks to ensure precision.

    We’re constantly re-fetching data from the networks to capture network re-posting, discrepancies and other problems.

    One-Click Set-Up
    No manual effort, we only need your reporting credentials to get started.

    There’s no manual mapping or normalization of ad-units or line items. No SDK or development effort needed. Just credentials!

  • Data

    Fast & powerful insights to your data
    Ask questions, find problems, share with your entire team.

    Our easy to use analytics allow everyone to perform ad-hoc queries on your data.

    Customized views & dashboards
    Create fast, custom views of your ad network data.

    Users can create custom dashboards with just a few clicks, no training necessary.

    Innovative Toolsets
    Tailor-made monetization visualizations to help you uncover opportunities.

    Our specific tools turn mysterious network behavior into actionable results.

  • Algorithmic Optimization

    • Stop Manually Updating MoPub

      Go beyond simple CPM ranking: optimizing your ad stack is as much art as science and it’s more than higher CPMs serve first. Fill rates, price floors and price cannibalization are all considerations in how you should serve traffic. Our multi-layer cascading algorithms constantly maintain your ad inventory to ensure you are making the most of current demand.

    • Price Testing & Efficiency Monitoring

      The market changes and so should your strategies. We are constantly testing new pricing to maximize your ability to take advantage of rising prices and simultaneously monitoring and culling low demand to eliminate inefficiencies in your inventory.

    • Customized Inventory Considerations

      Not all traffic is equal, and as such no single algorithm is perfect for your traffic. Our algorithms are configurable to maximize the effectiveness of your unique traffic.

Get started in 3 simple steps.

Starting is fast and easy. No tech changes needed!

  • STEP 1

    Add a MoPub User

    Create an AdLibertas user in MoPub.

  • STEP 2

    Add Network Credentials

    Over 85 networks supported, no SDK necessary

  • STEP 3

    Price Floor Creation

    Tailored, multiple price-point floors for your inventory.