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Step 3. Adding Network Ad Units

Setting up the optimal Waterfall: Collecting 3rd party network ad units

The third and last step of our go-live process is collecting a portfolio of ad-units to create and maintain the optimal waterfall.

Choose a Region:

First we will collectively choose a region to start. This can be a single app, ad-unit or geography depending on the size of your portfolio. While we can technically start on any size of traffic, we recommend at least $1,000 in daily earnings to achieve statistical significance of our gains. While we can– and do– start smaller it just can take longer to show results.

Floor Analysis:

Next we will analyze the starting region and suggest as portfolio of floors based on our projections of your earnings potential. Please note, this doesn’t mean we will be running all floors at once, our collection of multiple floors is so we have a repository of floors we can swap into the waterfall based on changing demand fluctuations. For instance, we may ask for 6 floors from Admob, running the top 3 at quarter-end and the bottom-3 floors at the beginning of the quarter.

Floor Collection:

Once we’ve selected an array of floors, the next step is collecting 3rd party ad-units. Since in most cases we don’t have access to the ad network dashboards (simply reporting credentials) we’ve created a UI for you to enter network floors at our suggested prices.



Every network is different in how they allow you to create ad units and floors. Some require access to the account management team. Have questions? Let us know how we can help!

Below is an example on creating an admob ad unit and floor.

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