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Step 2. Adding Network Credentials

Gathering 3rd Party Network Reporting Credentials


Once we have the MoPub configuration downloaded and configured, you will be prompted to add 3rd party network credentials. Each network has its own reporting interface and we’ve worked diligently to account for each of their idiosyncrasies to consume as much of the information possible.

  • Where possible we recommend you create a new user with “reporting-only” credentials. Not all networks offer this feature but rest-assured your credentials are stored in secure Amazon data-vault.
  • Each network page in our dashboard has information for the method to collect reporting credentials. Some of these require help from the network, so do plan on these credentials taking some time to collect from the networks.
  • We can process networks individually, so don’t feel the need to wait for all credentials before entering into the AdLibertas dashboard.

That’s it! We can now give you access to unified reporting!

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