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Step 1. MoPub Credentials

MoPub Credentials

Access to your configuration & ad server reporting.

The first step is to share access to the MoPub platform so the AdLibertas platform can analyze your account configuration and receive MoPub revenue reporting.

For security reasons we recommend you create a separate “member” account for AdLibertas in the MoPub dashboard. This will restrict access to sensitive information (billing, etc) but still allow our servers access to managing your set-up.

To add a new user:

  1. In Mopub, navigate to Account Settings > Manage users.
  2. Invite New User — you can use any email address but we recommend mopub-api@<>

MoPub documentation

Once you validate the invite, you can add the username and password to your account at which point we will commence downloading and correlating your current MoPub configuration.  This will help us determine how you are running MoPub today as well as identifying the third-party networks you are using.

Note: AdLibertas will automatically enable the MoPub reporting API, because of the sophistication of our data-processing we require access to the reporting API for the additional parameters not available through the legacy reporting downloads. MoPub does not allow reporting from the API prior to enabling this feature: as a result we can only accurately provide attributed revenue after this feature is enabled.

Next: Step 2 – Gathering ad network credentials.

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