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Connecting AdLibertas Audience Reporting to Firebase

Summary: this article explains how to configure and connect Firebase to AdLibertas for the purposes of enabling Audience Reporting.

You’ll need Firebase owner privileges to enable this feature

Firebase by itself doesn’t allow access to individual events. To enable AdLibertas Audience Reporting to access your Firebase data you’ll need to first link Google BigQuery to the Firebase projects you want to see in Audience Reporting.

You can follow Google’s documentation, Link a Firebase project to BigQuery.

Note: Today we only export Google Analytics, so you don’t need to enable Crashlytics/Predictions/etc. But you will want to export Include advertising identifiers in export for maximum user granularity. It takes up to 24 hours for the dataset to be created and for event collection to begin.

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Data Sampling on Spark: Data inaccuracies on the free plan

Google BigQuery is available for all Firebase projects. For Firebase projects that stay on the Spark plan, the raw event data exported to BigQuery is sampled and only represents ~10% of the actual events on the free plan. To export all events you’ll need to upgrade to the Blaze Plan.


Step 2: Enable AdLibertas access

Enabling Permissions: If you haven’t already at this point, you’ll want to invite <yourcompanyname>@adlibertas.com to your Firebase project with Viewer role. Instructions here.

Step 3: (MoPub Customers Only) Enable Impression Level Reporting

AdLibertas Audience Reporting reads the raw events automatically by calculating user level revenue for in-app purchases, subscription events, and (if available) ad impressions.

To pipe MoPub impression data to Firebase, read this article on enabling MoPub impression-level revenue reporting:

Collecting MoPub Impression-Level Data as a Firebase Event

Note: AdLibertas Audience Reporting requires all dimensions from MoPub impression data to accurately report revenue.

See our best practices on keeping BigQuery Costs down.

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