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Connecting AppsFlyer


We connect to AppsFlyer’s APIs to pull campaign data, events and (in some cases) ad impressions collected by the AppsFlyer SDK.

To obtain access we simply need you to share access to AppsFlyer data with AdLibertas.

Add AdLibertas as a Team Member to AppsFlyer

use the format <customer-name>

To Add A Team Member:

(From AppsFlyer Documentation)

To add a team member:

  1. Click the email address on the right side of the header bar. 
  2. Select Team members from the dropdown list.
  3. On the Team members page, click +Add team members.
  4. Complete the Create a new member section:
    • <customer-name>
    • Department: Product
  5. Grant app permissions [Default: Access is enabled]Team members have access to all apps and all future apps in the account. 1_Account_status_label.JPG
  6. Manage data permissions [Raw data access: Enable for AdLibertas access]
  7. Click Save.
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