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Data Sources

Connecting, and managing your data sources

The process of connecting your data to the AdLibertas platform simply means adding appropriate credentials. This article covers the data connection portion of the dashboard and provides additional guidance.

Add New Data Sources

  •  For Google Firebase users, see our walk-through on enabling AdLibertas Audience Reporting to connect to Firebase.
  •  For Appsflyer users, simply connect credentials in our dashboard.
  •  For Kochava customers, you’ll need to share an API key with appropriate access.

Adding a new data source simply requires you to choose the appropriate vendor then follow the steps for connecting to AdLibertas. Most vendors offer an API integration and simply need the appropriate key. Others require a user login be created for AdLibertas. Instructions for each are contained

2. Collecting Ad Revenue Events:
  • For MoPub userssee our walk-through on enabling MoPub Impression-Level Revenue Data (ILRD)
  • For ironSource userssee how to connect ironSource Ad Revenue Measurement (ARM) reporting
  • If you use MAXconnect to the AppLovin MAX Revenue API
3. Gathering In-App Purchase & Subscription Events (Consumables):
4. Custom Events:
  • We offer the ability to send custom events via webhook to be consumed and available for AdLibertas Audience Reporting. See here for more details.
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