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Getting Started with AdLibertas Audience Reporting

Getting started with user-level revenue performance reporting.

Summary: Collect revenue and user-events from your data partners, then unify them into a centralized, private data lake. Then anyone you choose will be able to generate reports and share them with your team.

For more information on how the product works, please see our product page or watch the video below:

Onboarding Your Data

1. Gathering User Events:

Colleting user events, action and characteristics (user properties) is a key component to being able to create an Audience. We will collect and correlate your analytics into a private, secure data lake.

2. Gathering Revenue:

Depending on your app you may want to collect subscription, in-app purchase revenue and/or ad revenue.

Collecting Ad Revenue:
Gathering In-App Purchase Events (Consumables):

Most analytics platforms– including Firebase– include user in-app purchase events. The product ID, product name, currency and quantity are passed as parameters. The revenue is reported is gross.

For Android apps, the Firebase account must be connected with Google Play.

For iOS apps, Firebase collects some events but doesn’t communicate or validate these purchases with the App Store– so refunds and trials may cause revenue to differ from values you see on the App Store. To ensure accuracy see our subscription-validation, below.

Collecting and Validating Subscription/IAP Revenue:

Subscription revenue is collected either through our SDK or relayed through our API.

We provide a simple to use, drop-in SDK for accurate User LTV reporting. The AdLibertas framework takes care of tracking in-app purchases and subscription renewals by sending user receipts of in-app purchases to AdLibertas servers. Those receipts are then used for a complete User LTV in your Audience Reporting.

See our open-source SDK on GitHub.

Using Audience Reporting

Once you’ve onboarded your data, see our tutorial on how to use Audience Reporting!

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