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Granting access to Firebase

AdLibertas is now offering an integration to your Firebase account. This will allow you to see your LTV and user activity as measured by the leading app analytics platform.

Add a Member Firebase:
You need to add a user with view-access to Firebase to access your user-metrics. You’ll need to have owner privileges to do this

1. Sign in to Firebase.
2. Select the project associated with your app.
3. Click , then select Users and permissions.
4. On the Permissions page, click Add member.
5. In the user dialog, enter
6. Select Viewer as role. (Note, if you plan on using AdLibertas Audience Reporting, we will need the Editor role)

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Note – Each Firebase project maintains a unique set of permissions. To grant AdLibertas appropriate access you’ll need to add the same user to all projects.

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