How AdLibertas works

An example using MoPub

To get started all we need are:

Your Reporting Credentials

No SDK needed!

Network Ad IDs

We programmatically create and maintain an optimal waterfall configuration using network ad units – still no SDK update required!

Then we automate your optimization in 3 steps:



First, we collect & consolidate your network reporting




Our platform automatically wrestles the complex, disparate data from 75 different networks into a consolidated, single repository.




Then we programmatically optimize your inventory




After calculating latest CPMs for each MoPub line item, we create an optimal waterfall configuration to maximize network competition.





Finally, we automate MoPub updates



No more manual updates! Automated waterfall configurations in MoPub allow us to make thousands of changes at a time.


And the results are:

More earnings from your ad revenue

More granular waterfalls and increased updates network competition, forcing higher prices for your inventory

You save time

Less time spent tracking reporting discrepancies and making manual waterfall updates allow you to spend time more strategically